Terms of Service

  1. All items are sold as pictured with your logo in the color and location as pictured unless you request otherwise.  In certain cases, permission in writing will be required for the change. 
  2. Prices are based on stitch count for your own company store logo and will not translate to items not offered by your organization.  If you'd like the logo on something offered in another store, please reach out to Rebecca at Instant Monogramming, Inc.: (585) 654-5550 or rebecca@instantmonogramming.com
  3. RK's Boutique is the retail arm of Instant Monogramming, Inc.
  4. All orders for your organization must be submitted in writing, preferably through the website.  Larger orders of 12 pieces or more getting the same embroidery can be sent as a purchase order to orders@instantmonogramming.com.
  5. If an error has been made by Instant Monogramming, the embroidery will be fixed or, if unrepairable, the garment will be replaced at the discretion of Instant Monogramming.
  6. Instant Monogramming, Inc. reserves the right at any time to change prices, refuse individual jobs and waive fees.
  7. Payment is due when your order is placed. 
  8. Instant Monogramming now accepts payments through Cash, Check, Mastercard, Visa and Discover.